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Mastering Conscious Breathing: Elevate Your Wellness with Good Tee's Tips!
In the whirlwind of daily life, we often underestimate the power of something as fundamental as our breath. At Good Tee, beyond offering eco-conscious 100% Organic Cotton tees that let your skin breathe naturally, we're enthusiastic about sharing insights into the immense rewards of conscious breathing.
What can we learn from the indigenous people about sustainability?
In today's world, where environmental conservation is of utmost importance, indigenous peoples have valuable knowledge and practices that can guide us. Despite constituting only 5% of the global population, indigenous communities are responsible for safeguarding 80% of the world's biodiversity. Their deep connection with nature and spiritual reverence for the environment provide valuable lessons for all of humanity. Let's explore some of the insights we can gain from indigenous cultures when it comes to preserving our planet.
5 Delicious Cozy Vegan Soup Recipes
Christmas is right around the corner and you will probably be entertaining family and friends. Whether you’re having an intimate get-together or hosting a big party, you will want your guests to have a tasty dinner that they won’t forget! Or maybe you’re attending a dinner and bringing a Good, yummy dish to offer your host.
5 Good Reasons Why Humans Are Switching To A Plant-based Diet

One of the main causes of today's environmental issues is agriculture, which strongly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, contaminated water use, and land use. Additionally, the waste, labour costs, and transportation costs related to raising cattle are significant. Because of this it is important to make a change.

So here are 5 good reasons why humans are switching to plant-based. 

9 Women-Owned Businesses To Support This Holiday

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, holiday party gifts, or a little self-indulgence, these ten women-owned businesses have a multitude of options for everyone on your list.‘ Our list of 10 women-owned businesses will have you gifting THE perfect gift!

6 Good Gift Ideas Made By B Corporations
Looking for some #goodgifts this holiday season? Why not support a B Corporation and give the gift of good!
6 Good Ways to Travel More Sustainably
Did you know, around 8% of the world's carbon emissions are attributed to tourism, which may also have other detrimental effects on the environment and society. Tourism undoubtedly has a significant negative impact on the environment. This leads us to wonder, what can you as a traveller do? We’ve lined up some helpful, good tips, to help you minimize your environmental impact while travelling.
6 Ways Living Sustainably Can Protect Animals
We all care about our furry friends, so how does sustainable living make a positive impact on animals? So, why it is important? Animals and plants aren't simply valuable for their own sake; they also contribute to a larger natural ecosystem that may serve as a source of food, shelter, and water for other creatures as well as humans. 
3 Ultimate Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin
Are you tired of spending money at the spa? Or looking for skincare with natural ingredients? Why not look a little closer to home? All the natural face mask ingredients you need are secretly hiding in your fridge! Not only is it healthy, but making your own face masks adds a whole new layer of fun to the self-care game!
4 Easy and Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween is a largely unsustainable and expensive holiday because of accumulating costumes and decorations? While Halloween is a time for fun, it shouldn’t be hurting the environment or your pockets which is why this year, we’re bringing you the ultimate eco-friendly Halloween ideas. In this #theGoodBlog, we put together some tips on how to create eco-friendly costumes on a budget for a greener  sustainable Halloween!
#TheGoodSquad Interview with Steven Clift, CEO of GoodCarts
Despite the growth in small and sustainable businesses, the competition with huge corporations is still on. This week on The Good Blog we interview the founder of GoodCarts, Steven Clift. GoodCarts is a platform where sustainable/shop-for-good entrepreneurs can promote each other and grow their profits and impact the economy as a whole. Read more about this inspiring business!
How To Evaluate A Fashion Brand For Sustainability
This week on The Good Blog, we discuss tips to help you evaluate a brand for sustainability. Greenwashing is a tactic used by companies to portray its products/brand to be eco-conscious ,when they are only doing the tiniest bit of effort to benefit the environment. Luckily we've broken down things to look out for to ensure you are purchasing from an actual sustainable brand!
This week on The Good Blog, we share some of our favourite habits to implement living a low-impact life. Living a low-impact life means reducing the carbon footprint that is left behind every time you use or do something. Now if we all contribute to this mission and do our part, we can make a HUGE positive impact on the environment.
Top 5 Eco Resorts/Lodges To Visit In Canada and USA
Are you looking for a fun, eco-friendly, summer activity? Try out eco resorts and lodges this summer! Conventional hotels aren't good for the planet as they may require deforestation and excessive resources to build. However, eco resorts and lodges provide a sustainable alternative to still kick back and relax in the summer!
Why working out in Organic cotton is better for your health
The struggle is real: trying to relax while doing your yoga routine but feeling like your skin just can’t breathe. Your body is telling you something. Say goodbye to trapped sweat and skin that cannot breathe- It’s just not natural. For a good reason, The Good Tee has launched its first every movement yoga wear collection made with 93% FairTrade breathable organic cotton. 
3 Super Cool, Feel Good Eco Holiday Subscription & Gift Boxes You Need To Know About
Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? It’s like sending a gift to yourself, from yourself! The joy of receiving a box every month with curated products brings you that warm fuzzy feeling. Subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself,...
5 Unique Eco-Friendly DIY Kits To Gift or Make and Give
Holiday season is fast approaching which means spending time and trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you’re like me, then you probably like to buy your gifts ahead of time to save yourself the stress of...
3 Ways to Avoid Greenwashing and know if a Brand is Truly Sustainable
A “good” amount of corporations, businesses and brands have begun to advertise eco-friendly, sustainable products and services in an effort to promote their awareness of their industry’s role in climate change. But not all is “good news”. Check our latest blog post on how to avoid greenwashing
5 Ways to Keep Halloween Sustainable
To help you celebrate in a more sustainable way this year, we have curated a list of things you can do to make your Halloween more Hallo-green and ways to use sustainable tshirts.
We understand that most ethical fashion brands are smaller and reaching consumers on a large scale is a challenge. We’ve put together five awesome tools to make it easier to find and support credible ethical and sustainable brands. They all accomplish one thing: make sustainable shopping easier so we can all work together to make life better. Check out these ethical and sustainable brand directories.
6 Ways to Start Using Less Plastic
It’s Plastic Free July and we’re joining the convo on reducing plastic usage this month and every month. We know plastic is harmful but it’s still literally everywhere and in most of the products we use on a daily basis. We can try really hard to live without plastic but sometimes it’s almost impossible to avoid. Start with one area of your life and slowly eliminate all major plastic or waste contributors before moving onto a different part.