9 Women-Owned Businesses To Support This Holiday

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Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, holiday party gifts, or a little self-indulgence, these ten women-owned businesses have a multitude of options for everyone on your list.‘ Our list of 10 women-owned businesses will have you gifting THE perfect gift!

These inspiring women-owned businesses all give back in their own unique ways, such as being cruelty-free, using plastic water bottles and supporting charitable causes. ‘Tis the season to support sustainable businesses!

Here are 10 women-founded small businesses to support this holiday season!


  1. Joya | Betsy Blancett

    Have a friend who loves to wear jewelry? With their gorgeous, elegant pieces, Joya's handcrafted jewelry is the perfect gift for those who like to express themselves with jewelry. They have bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with distinctive stones to suit any taste! Joya is a business founded by Betsy Blancett, for women, and is committed to supporting causes that help women all over the world.

          The Good TeeThe Good Tee

  2. Sḵwálwen Botanicals | Leigh Joseph

    We all want to indulge in a little self-care and Sḵwálwen Botanicals has everything a friend needs to pamper themselves with a spa-like treatment. These products were created by Leigh Joseph using organic, high-quality ingredients and botanicals that were responsibly collected and sourced. Each product has a Squamish name to honour the region from which this plant knowledge originates and to represent her indigenous routes.

    The Good TeeThe Good Tee

    Sḵwálwen Botanicals

  3. The Proudest Pony | Ashley Brewsmith

    Know someone who loves to smell good and wants their hair super shiny? The Proudest Pony has all the best items for that. They have so many unique shampoo and conditioner bars with special ingredients like keratin and amethyst, all made in Canada without the use of plastic and vegan! The Proudest Pony was created by Ashley Brewsmith who's a celebrity hairstylist.

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    The Proudest Pony

  4. Jungalow | Justina Blakeney

    Whether they have an adoration for plants or simply appreciate art, the lovely, hand-painted vase sets, ivory rugs or detailed wall decor from Jungalow can make a vibrant decorative piece for their home. Justina Blakeney founded Jungalow, which is marketed as a lifestyle brand and the go-to place for people who love a jungalicious design!

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  5. Hummingbird Chocolate | Erica Gilmour

    Any chocolate lover you know will go crazy for Hummingbird Chocolate all made from cacao grown sustainably and farmed ethically and humanely. They offer delicious delights from mouth-watering salted caramel chocolates to peanut butter cups. Gift boxes are also available! Erica Gilmour made Hummingbird Chocolate with the idea to enjoy with friends and family. Enjoy it together this Christmas!

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    Hummingbird Chocolate


  6. Real Talk Candles | Rachael-Lea

People who enjoy having a pleasant aroma in their homes would love receiving these candles as gifts. Real Talk Candles are available in a variety of scents, and are hand-poured, vegan and artificial-free! The candles were made by Rachael-Lea with funny messages like "The office Candle pretend you like it don't make this weird" that are guaranteed to crack a laugh.

The Good TeeThe Good Tee
Real Talk Candles

7. Akola | Brittany Underwood 

Get your most creative friend this cute DIY Bracelet Kit from jewellery company Akola so they can pass time and create something lovely for themselves. If they don’t seem like the crafty type Akola has many other products for you to choose from earrings to necklaces to stretch bracelets. Brittany Underwood founded Akola to champion and uplift women all throughout the world. Akola is the Ugandan dialect for "she works." Through vertically integrated manufacturing, she offers women in Uganda life-changing job opportunities while producing each Akola item.

The Good TeeThe Good Tee8. Holo 8. Halo Taco | Cristine Rotenberg

For someone who enjoys glittery, colourful, and high-quality nail polish, Holo Taco makes a fantastic gift! Made by Cristine Rotenberg, the face of the most popular "nail art" YouTube channel, Simply Nailogical, Holo Taco is her own line of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish. 

The Good TeeThee Good Tee
Holo Taco

9. The Good Tee | Adila Cokar

From leggings to comfy tees, whether you're looking for that friend who needs active apparel or that friend who could use an outfit for a comfortable day out, The Good Tee has everything you need! Adila Cokar, the creator of The Good Tee, is on a mission to humanize the fashion business. To that end, she uses ethical sourcing practices and environmentally friendly textile production to spread awareness, create a brand that supports farmers, and honour fashion producers. Head on over to The Good Tee's website and purchase something a friend will love!

The Good Tee The Good Tee
The Good Tee

All the Women-Owned businesses listed above are sure to please all your friends and family with different interests this holiday! Support the businesses that support women and environmentally friendly operations! These businesses all support our mission at The Good Tee to create a more sustainable future!

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