Top 5 Eco Resorts/Lodges To Visit In Canada and USA

Eco Resort

Planning for the chill summer nights and fun summer activities? Eco-resorts and lodges are the way to go this summer! Conventional hotels require tons of land and resources to build and maintain their facilities. For example, the land that the hotel is built on may require deforestation in order to clear the land for facilities. It also takes up a lot of energy and water to maintain and facilitate guests. In fact, just in the US, hotels take up 5 billion feet of space which is equivalent to 1805 empire state buildings and and create more CO2 output than 19 volcanic eruptions.

Look for a guilt-free trip where you can kick back, relax and spend time in nature by staying in an eco-resort/lodge instead for the perfect serene and eco-friendly experience! 

Why is an eco-resort/lodge better than a conventional hotel?

An eco-resort/lodge is a type of accommodation that provides the relaxation and fun you need on vacation but also considers its environmental impacts on the land that it is built on and how it operates. For most of these stays, they provide eco-friendly accommodations such as eco-friendly toiletries, using renewable sources for energy and water, organic linens, and more! They also are more considerate about the land that it is built on and try their best to conserve and protect the wildlife around them. They’re usually remote from the city, which means peaceful and serene stays within the wilderness and under the stars.

Here are a few of our favorites that will give you a unique staycation experience!

1. Nita Lodge, Whistler BC, Canada

 Nita Lake Lodge

Whistler is no doubt a nature’s gift to Canada with its gorgeous mountains and its amazing ski resort during the Winter. The good news is that it’s just as nice in the summer too! You could go bike riding, hiking, or even kayaking amongst these beautiful mountains surrounding you. This specific lodge in Whistler provides its guests with one of the most exceptional services but with consideration for the environment. For example, they use geothermal energy to heat and cool the property, have a recycling program for any plastic, paper or glass, and use energy-efficient lighting with timers to manage usage. Did we also mention they include complimentary rental of paddleboards, canoes, bicycles and village shuttle? 

Price: From $279/night


2. El Monte Sagrado, Taos NM, USA

El Monte Sagrado 

Perfect for Instagram photos and the environment is this rustic lodge located in downtown Taos of New Mexico. This unique lodge offers a serene setting surrounded by waterfalls, ponds, and towering cottonwood trees. Its efforts in protecting the environment are also applaudable. Just like the Whistler lodge, they also use geothermal to heat and cool the property and wind power as a renewable energy source. They also have a biolarium where guests can explore and engulf themselves in vegetation and flowers. Surrounded by the sounds of waterfalls that help reclaim rainwater and wastewater, this aesthetically pleasing lodging will promise a peaceful and meditative stay. 

Price: From $149/night


3.  Long Point Eco-Adventures, St Williams ON, Canada

 Long Point Eco-Adventures

If you want to connect with nature, Long Point Eco-Adventures is perfect for you! Located in the South-Western part of Ontario, this resort provides activities, drinks, food, and lodging all in one place. Try glamping(glamourous camping) for the first time with their three available glamping tents and embrace nature without having to deal with bugs and the summer heat. They also provide guests with activities like zip-lining, kayaking, axe-throwing, and over 90km of biking and hiking trails. To minimize deforestation, they choose to use nature as sustainable tourism to appeal to guests.

 Price: From $210/night

4. Blockade Runner Beach Resort, Wrightsville Beach NC, USA

 Blockade Runner Beach Resort

Summer is the season for tanning and the beach plays a huge part in that. Blockade Runner Beach Resort is located just by the beach just so you can enjoy the summer sun. What’s even better is that they take green initiatives to reduce waste and conserve energy. They compost food wastage and make an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle and conserve stormwater while accommodating tourists. This family owned-resort is also acknowledged as an Ocean Friendly Establishment by the Plastic Ocean Project. They provide a wide variety of beach activities such as kayaking, surfing, sailing, cruising, fishing, and even kids programs to entertain you and your children all while protecting the environment. 

Price: From $434/night


5. Severn Lodge, Muskoka Lakes ON, Canada

 Severn Lodge

Just 2 hours away from downtown Toronto, this lodge resides near just by Muskoka Georgian Bay lake district. Away from the light pollution, stargaze to your heart's content while enjoying the fresh air. This premier family resort recognizes the importance of preserving these beautiful lakes and the nature of Ontario and implements various green initiatives to counter any pollution or unnecessary waste. For example, their lawns are fertilized with organic fertilizers far from the shoreline to prevent water pollution, they encourage guests to reuse the linen for the entire stay instead of replacing them every day, and low flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets have been implemented to reduce water usage. Other than that, they provide many recreational activities like tennis, canoeing, pedal boating, stand-up paddleboards and even jetskiing.

 Price: Varies on package chosen


We love that the hotel industry realizes how their business can impact the environment and is finally taking action to counter pollution and unnecessary waste. By supporting these green resorts and lodging, you can do your part in being eco-conscious and, at the same time, have your fun this summer. 

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