Why working out in Organic cotton is better for your health

The struggle is real: trying to relax while doing your yoga routine but feeling like your skin just can’t breathe. Your body is telling you something. Say goodbye to trapped sweat and skin that cannot breathe- It’s just not natural. For a good reason, The Good Tee has launched its first every movement yoga wear collection made with 93% FairTrade breathable organic cotton and 7% lycra to give the perfect stretch. 

Initially, people used to weave from natural fibers like cotton,  linen, wool, and silk. To meet the growing demand for fabric, people started to create synthetic products like nylon, polyester, and viscose in the factory. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Although synthetic fabrics are cheaper, they are wont to biodegrade. Similar to plastic, they are made from polymers found in natural gas and the by-products of petroleum. Natural fibers are derived from plants and animals, while synthetic fibers are made from chemical compounds.

More about Organic Cotton:


  1. It is breathable: There is no question that natural fibers make you feel good. That is because, just like your skin, the fabric breathes. Just like your sheets and towels, it has a high absorption quality. In case of excess moisture, it will allow excellent ventilation to dry out the dampness. For that reason, you can wear organic cotton comfortably even if the weather is extremely hot and you feel sweaty. It will not cause rashes and itching on the skin. On the other hand, synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic trap moisture as they are water-resistant in nature. This is why people feel uncomfortable, clammy, and sweaty in hot weather wearing synthetics.
  2. It Is hypoallergenic in nature: Organic Cotton is hypoallergenic in nature. Moreover, they have anti-bacterial properties that will protect the user from microbes attacks. Compared to man-made fabrics, the process involves extensive chemical treatment for which these products can cause rashes and skin irritation or even can start allergy. 

Guaranteed an experience of 100% comfort and stretch with every move and wear. Finally, feel at peace knowing that your clothes can breathe and are made sustainably and ethically.


Here are the perfect clothes for your next Yoga session:

1. The High Neck Tank Top

Meet our High Neck Tank Top. We engineered the perfect organic 93% cotton/ 7% lycra fabric with the right weight and elasticity for constant movement. With its cooling sleeveless and slim-fit design, stretch in comfort and style without worrying about sweating. It also reaches the length of your waist to prevent ride-ups, especially when you’re upside down. It is the perfect sleek and simple all-weather essential. 

tank top

2. The Ethical Biker Shorts

Also made with an organic cotton/lycra blend, our high-rise biker shorts is made to be soft and breathable for your skin. With its stretchy fabric, this pair of shorts will hug you in all the right places. It also features a double-layer waistband and front pocket big enough to hold your phone while you’re out and about! The waistband ends just above your natural waistline, creating a more comfortable fit, hiding undesirables, and flattering all the right curves.

biker shorts

3. The Go-To High Rise Legging

Prefer leggings? No worries, we have that too! Here we have our Go-To High Rise leggings made with our favorite organic cotton/lycra blend fabric to fit you snug during your yoga session. With our double-layered high-rise waistband, you no longer need to pull your pants up mid-pose and, at the same time, have your waist look snatched! The best part? It comes with a pocket too! You can wear the perfect legging year-round, to the yoga studio, or during a night on the town. It pairs well with literally everything.


4. Move Free Yoga Pant

If you would love cozy dress pants or need something cute to work out in, we have the perfect pants for you. Our Move Free Yoga Pants features a baggier fit for you to look chic on your cozy yoga days. These pants have a wider fabric waistband and is made with 92% organic cotton and 8% lycra for extra coziness but also breathable fabric. Despite its baggy fit, the back seams are engineered to still make your booty pop! And if one pocket isn’t enough, hold more with its two front pockets. You can wear the perfect legging year-round, to the yoga studio or during a night on the town. It pairs well with literally everything.

yoga pants

Special mention: 3 Pack Fair Scrunchies

Our scrunchies are back in stock! They are hard to keep in stock, but you will wear them daily if you can grab a pair. Our sustainable scrunchies will help keep your hair out of your face while you’re doing a handstand! Made with Fairtrade upcycled fabric, our scrunchies are gentle on your hair which means lesser split ends and hair loss when you put your hair up into a ponytail, messy bun, or braid for your yoga session. It is available in three different color bundles to cater to your own style!

5 stars review from recent customer, Joan Armstrong: The scrunchies are made well and the fabric is great! Obviously extremely popular as stock is hard to get. I would buy these again. Nice that they are upcycled 💗”

3 pack scrunchies

We realize that relaxing and meditating in comfortable clothes is essential, so we came up with this activewear collection that is perfect for your yoga sessions. In addition, all of our products are made ethically and sustainably, so you can stop worrying about the environment and focus on your Shavasana. Next time you shop for something, check the label; is it a natural fiber? Your body will thank you later.

For more products, shop now at The Good Tee!

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