5 Good Reasons Why Humans Are Switching To A Plant-based Diet

Food is a powerful tool. To eat meat or no meat? That is the million dollar question. As the popularity of plant-based meat continues to grow, you might find yourself wondering why people are so interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan. 

As the state of the earth declines people look to their daily lives to see what they can change and being a vegan/vegetarian is one of these changes. For many reasons, vegetarianism and veganism have been practiced for thousands of years, and in 2019, it's gotten easier to stop  or reduce eating meat.

One of the main causes of today's environmental issues is agriculture, which strongly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, contaminated water use, and land use. Additionally, the waste, labour costs, and transportation costs related to raising cattle are significant. Because of this it is important to make a change.

So here are 5 good reasons why humans are switching to plant-based. 

  1. Health Benefits

    You can live a longer, healthier life by eating a plant-based diet! A plant-based diet is the best since it includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, which help to maintain both physical and mental health. Research suggests that omnivores typically suffer from more illnesses than vegans and vegetarians. For this reason, many medical professionals advise plant-based diets for persons with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, and other medical conditions.

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  2. Animal Well-being and Morals

    We all love our animal companions. This is the main reason why many people choose to start and maintain a vegan diet. Many vegans passionately argue that all creatures, especially animals that have long been consumed as human meals everywhere, have a right to life and freedom. Animals are raised, given a variety of hormone injections, have their young taken away from them, and are then slaughtered to continue the cycle of providing humans with meat and milk. If you care about animals, try substituting deli meat for plant-based meat.

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  3. Improved Mood

    Have you ever felt down emotionally, and wanted to find a solution? A recent study looked into the potential effects of plant-based diets on mood, both good and bad. This research revealed that men and women who maintained a plant-based diet claimed to experience less stress and
    anxiety. Your mood and general stress levels may start to improve if you cut back or stop consuming animal products. Every person is different but you can try and give it a shot and see if it makes you more positive.

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  4. A Positive Impact

    With the state our planet is in, if you ask a vegan why they chose to give up animal products, they'll most likely tell you how our planet is dying. It's understandable why so many vegans and vegetarians are committed to preserving the environment; each of us has a responsibility to care for Planet Earth. Many consumers, including environmental professionals, blame animal agriculture for the current environmental problems, pointing to eye-catching data on greenhouse gas emissions, water and land consumption, waste, labour expenses, and transportation associated with growing cattle.

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  5. Dietary Reasons

    As we said before health issues have been sky-rocketing due to a meat diet. So, some are switching it up for dietary reasons. Some people prefer the flavour of plant-based foods over those made from animals. They may dislike animal protein and dairy products or might also be sensitive to particular foods, like lactose, for example. In the end, you don't really need an explanation for why you choose a plant-based burger over a traditional burger. As technology becomes more advanced the options for plant-based meat become more accessible making it easy for anyone that wants to make that change today!

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As the earth heats up we wonder what we can do as greenhouse gas emissions rise. Perhaps after reviewing all of the factors mentioned, you find yourself open to change, even if it's just to replace that beef burger with a beyond-meat burger. Any change is good, and at The Good Tee, we promote a similar environmental message. The planet has done so much for us, now it's our turn to repay it and play our part in being good humans.

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