5 Unique Eco-Friendly DIY Kits To Gift or Make and Give

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Holiday season is fast approaching which means spending time and trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you’re like me, then you probably like to buy your gifts ahead of time to save yourself the stress of last minute shopping. It can be hard though, trying to find something amazing yet sustainable. But I found the perfect gift idea this year! How about some fun DIY kits? Whether it’s too cold outside for you to want to go out or you just want a fun day at home, there are a variety of DIY kits to keep you entertained.

All our three DIY kits come in your choice of adult, youth or toddler sustainable tshirts that you can customize.

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The Good Tee is proud to offer different  types of DIY kits for customizing our sustainable tshirts. We make our products with love, and want you to be included in the process! Having fun indoors can be eco-conscious and easy. So here’s our curated list of different DIY kits that are perfect for both kids and adults.

1. DIY Sustainable Fabric Painting Kit

Let your inner Piccaso or whichever artist that inspires you shine through with The Good Tee’s DIY Fabric Painting kit! This DIY kit contains a unisex organic cotton t-shirt in any size you need, whether it’s for a toddler, youth, or an adult. This is a perfect blank canvas for your creativity to show. 

The kit will include four 40ml professional quality water-based fabric paints. It will come in the colour black and the primary colours red, yellow, and blue, making it easy to mix and create even more shades. The paints come in aluminum tins so it’s easy for you to recycle or reuse after you’re done! Of course, a wooden paintbrush is also included. What’s a fabric painting kit without one? Lastly, there will be instructions in the kit to help take you through the step-by-step process of designing your own customized t-shirt. What better guilt-free project with minimal environmental impact than a one of a kind designed t-shirt?

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2. DIY Fabric Markers Kit

If you’re not a fan of paint since, let's be honest, it can get a little messy, then The Good Tee’s DIY Fabric Markers Kit is the perfect option. Markers are perfect for little kids, and gives kids steadier control. With the holidays coming up, this DIY kit will feature holiday colour markers, gold, green, black and red. 

Golden Nugget: Print out a coloring book image online and use it as a template under the fabric and copy the design. Designs possibilities are endless and if you’ve got that perfect saying our sustainable t-shirts are the perfect black canvas.

This fabric markers kit will contain a unisex organic cotton t-shirt in whichever size you’ll need (toddler, youth, or adult) which is perfect for any design you may choose to do. It will also include the four fabric paint markers by Pebeo. And of course, the kit will include instructions that’ll take you through a step-by-step on designing your customized t-shirt. If you’re a perfectionist and want a bit more precision when creating your beautiful shirt design, then the fabric markers kit is the choice for you. What better way to spread holiday cheer than with your own customized tee!

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If you had the opportunity to tie-dye a t-shirt, socks, a pillowcase, or anything else as a kid, you might be feeling nostalgic for this groovy, timeless sustainable craft. From a fair trade organic white t-shirt to a beautiful one of a kind dyed one, The Good Tee’s Natural Tie Dye Kit is a must try. The best part is the natural tie dye DIY kit is still beginner friendly! This is the perfect gift to someone you love.  We have step by step videos to help! Check out the videos here.

The dyes in this kit come from natural ingredients making it a super sustainable and guilt-free project. This DIY kit will include a unisex white organic cotton t-shirt in whichever size you’ll need (toddler, youth, adult) with rubber bands, comprehensive instructions that will help guide you through the step-by-step process of preparing your fibres and dyeing, and it will of course include the dye.

You can choose from three different coloured dye kits. 

3.  INDIGO Natural Dye Kit

  1. There is a blue kit (indigo) which is extracted from the plant, indigofera tinctoria. This plant species is the only source in the world that produces a natural blue. The dye from this kit can’t be dyed the same way as others and must be used through a type of fermentation process. So included with your dye powder will be calx (pickling lime) and fructose sugar.  Video here
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4.  Cochineal & Ground madder Root Natural Dye Kit
A pink and orange (cochineal & ground madder root) one. The ground madder root derived from the plant rubia tinctoria provides a beautiful peachy orange shade and the cochineal derived from dactylopius coccus will provide a lovely pink colour. You will need to mordant your dyes so this kit will also include alum (a food safe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate) and gallnut (tannin powder from the galls formed on oak trees). Video here
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5. Logwood & Osage Sawdust Root Natural Dye Kit
Choose from is the purple and yellow (logwood & Osage sawdust) . The logwood chips included will help provide that gorgeous soft purple colour while the Osage sawdust will give you a beautiful yellow. It will also include alum (a food-safe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate) and gallnut (tannin powder made from the galls formed on oak trees) to help your mordanting process. 
Video here

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    There you have it! Choosing sustainable gifts does not have to cost the earth. Check out our list of 3 super fun and eco-friendly DIY projects you can do at home no matter what age. What better way to get your creativity flowing than with these DIY kits and spend some quali-tee time with loved ones?

    Let us know if you have more fun eco-conscious DIY ideas down below!

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