6 Good Gift Ideas Made By B Corporations

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Looking for some #goodgifts this holiday season? Why not support a B Corporation and give the gift of good!

You might be wondering, what is a B Corp? B Corporations are businesses with a B Certification which means a company is meeting strict criteria for verified performance, responsibility, and transparency about everything from supply chain processes and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits. In order to achieve certification, a company must: Demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above and passing our risk review. Each company is rated and you can view their score in their directory. 

You can be confident that products made by B Corps are trying to genuinely improve the lives of their employees, communities, consumers, and the environment. Giving you the opportunity to show your love in more ways than one.

We've made a list of 6 environmentally sustainable feel-good gift ideas from Certified B Corporations. This list is for those of you looking for presents for the eco-conscious folks on your list or you want to give some cool gifts that inspire the people you care about to care for the environment. 

  1. Luci Color String Light

    Solar, vibrant, and ever-ready to hang The 18-foot cable of the Luci Color Solar String Lights' 6 shades of tranquilly. These lights are great for lighting up your space outdoors because they are solar-powered and have mobile recharge capabilities. They make a perfect gift for those who like camping, spending time in the backyard or simply for someone to decorate their home with lights for the holidays! 

    Good Gift | The Good Tee

    Overall B Impact Score: 104

  2. Iridescent Winter Coffee Blend By Counter Culture Coffee

    Since its creation in 1995, Counter Culture has been on a never-ending quest for the perfect cup of coffee through a commitment to creating a cutting-edge community for coffee lovers as well as a genuine environmental, social, and financial sustainability. This iridescent blend features notes of dark chocolate and berry, perfect to share with your favourite people.

    Good Gift | The Good Tee
    Overall B Impact Score: 80.3

  3.  Resveratrol 150
    By Gaia Herbs

    “Do no harm to the environment, people, and animals” is the guiding concept of Gaia's activities, and the organization is on a mission to spread the motto "Purity + Integrity = Potency." They pledge to create quality jobs, support social and environmental impact activities, and ensure that all of their herbs are pure and natural as possible. Resveratrol 150 is is a highly concentrated antioxidant supplement that is an award-winning product for helping people age gracefully and giving them a clean, bright glow. 

    Good Gift | The Good Tee

    Overall B Impact Score: 80.9

  4.  Chocolate lover’s Bundle
    By Made with Local

    Chances are you know a good chocolate lover! This new bundle of Made with Local's Real Food Bars was made just for them!  So that your chocolate-loving- loved one can have Made with Local's two chocolate-based bar flavours, they've coupled one box. which is their best-selling Chocolate Mint Chip with one box of their popular Peanut Butter Brownie.

    Good Gift | The Good Tee

    Overall B Impact Score: 92.3

  5.  Get Your Glow On Gift Set
    By Naledo

    Give yourself or someone special a skincare routine made entirely of natural ingredients to help small-scale farmers! One face mask (enough for ten applications), one face oil, and one bar of our limited-edition turmeric marigold soap will be sent to your loved one.

    Good Gift | The Good Tee

    Overall B Impact Score: 86

  6. Natural Dye Kit Cochineal 
    The Good Tee

    Complete with a Good Tee the natural dye kit is a wonderful gateway for beginning dyers into the wonder and beauty of using nature to colour and design your own special t-shirt. The great part about this is that it is environmentally friendly, guilt-free, and sustainable. This is a perfect gift for artists or those interested in DIY.

    Good Gift | The Good Tee

    Overall B Impact Score: 88

    Check out these good gifts! A great way to spread some good vibes by helping B corporations to make a positive impact on the planet, people, and your community!







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