3 Super Cool, Feel Good Eco Holiday Subscription & Gift Boxes You Need To Know About

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Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? It’s like sending a gift to yourself, from yourself! The joy of receiving a box every month with curated products brings you that warm fuzzy feeling. Subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself, but also a great gift to give this holiday season.

Do you know what’s better than getting just any subscription gift box though? Getting one that’s eco-friendly and sustainable! Eco-friendly subscription boxes are amazing. They can help make transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle easier and more accessible. Instead of having to wonder and make the decision on what sustainable products to try, it’s already picked out for you!

As more eco-friendly subscription boxes are emerging, it can be hard to choose which ones to go for. No worries though, we’re here to help you! We have curated a list of our top three subscription boxes for you to choose from.

1. Sam and Lance Subscription Box

Sam and Lance was founded by Alora and Veronica May and is based out of Toronto, Canada. They’re all about aiming to empower people and to reduce environmental degradation. This amazing women owned company also features products that are made by women owned brands in their subscription boxes. 5% of each purchase also goes towards charities that empower women and support the planet.

Their subscription boxes are seasonal and contain 6-7 full sized products that are ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured. Their products are also packed in eco-friendly packaging. Everything is recyclable and compostable, and they even provide full transparency with their packaging and how to recycle/repurpose it on their website.

Sam and Lance have a couple of eco subscription boxes for you to choose from. First, they have the Empower-Her box. For every Empower-Her subscription box ordered, a tree is planted! For this box, you’ll get products over $100 in retail value for only $59.95! What a steal! The next subscription box they offer is a customization one. If there’s a product you’re eyeing that you really want to try, or if you want to customize a box for someone as a gift, then this is the one for you. As a subscription member, you get to pick the products you want in your box (while supplies last).

With the holidays approaching, Sam and Lance have curated holiday gift boxes. Customizing a box can be difficult so these boxes are amazing. What’s more perfect for the holidays than the “Happy Holidays” and “Secret Santa'' box! Each box comes with a great variety and selection of products. For the “Happy Holidays'' box, the products featured include: a Sequoia Sky Woman Candle, The Good Tee’s zero waste scrunchie in Denim, So Luxury’s oat bath, River Birch multi colour matches, a Grl Beauty lip balm, and a holiday card! There’s also the “Secret Santa” box which includes: Hummingbird Chocolates chocolate bar, Soja & Co grapefruit eucalyptus soap, The Good Tee’s zero waste scrunchie in black, a Mimi & August mini candle, and of course a holiday card. If these two aren’t your cup of tea, there are more than a handful for you to choose from!

sustainable gift unique holiday gift

Images by Sam and Lance

2. The Good Lane Subscription Box

The Good Lane founded in Spring 2021 and is based in Alberta, Canada. The goal of The Good Lane is to help good humans like you discover businesses that are putting people and the planet first. The Good Lane is also about giving back so 5% of their profits are also donated to a different charity each box.

The Good Lane has seasonal subscription boxes that will include 5-8 products from conscious brands. Everything in the box is ethically made, sustainably sourced, and also cruelty free! If you wanted to just test it out and not sign up for a subscription, they also give you the option to just buy a one time box. 

They even have two, not just one, holiday gifting sets to choose from! The first one is the mystery gift bag which includes 4-6 ethically made full sized items. It’s a mystery bag so you won’t know what’s in it, but this makes for a totally fun surprise for yourself, or the person you’re gifting it to. It will feature items from past boxes as well as brand new products. The other gifting set is their holiday gift box. This box is curated perfectly for the holiday season. It will include a handwoven corded tassel throw from Tajik Home, a pack of 5 holiday cards from Found and Lost Art, cranberry luxury tea from Tega Organic Tea, a “Do more of what makes you happy” ceramic sign from Mud & Maker, and an organic cotton furoshiki gift wrap that can be used as a table centrepiece once opened from Your Green Kitchen. There will also be an insert that explains the story behind each brand to help you understand the impact of your purchase!

gift boxe mens subscription gift boxes

Images by The Good Lane

3. Earthlove Subscription Box

Earthbox was founded by Serina Patterson in Washington State. Earthlove is an outward growth of their farm philosophy that’s based in Washington State. Their box aims to bring more nature into our lives by curating goods that are nature-inspired and organic. They also partner with environmental non-profits that protect our ecosystems so a portion of their boxes are donated to a different nature-based cause each season!

Earthlove’s subscription boxes are seasonal and contain 6-8 full sized items that are eco-conscious. Their items range from snacks, teas, books, beauty, home decor, accessories, and so much more. The products curated are ethically responsible, contain natural ingredients, are cruelty free, organic and non-GMO, fairtrade, beegan/vegan, and they also try their best to include zero-waste packaging. They also like to support artisans, makers, and small businesses from the US & Canada, so you’ll see products from there!

They also have a gift section so you can send a one (or multiple) time box to your loved ones. The gift box will include a mixture of items from past boxes. You can even choose the type of gift box you want. You can choose from a “regular” box (which could possibly include ethically sourced bee products) or a “vegan” box. You can also choose between a small (up to 5 items), regular (up to 8 items), or a deluxe (up to 10 items) box. Their gift box will also include a free notecard for you to include a personal note.

earthlove gift box subscription box

Images by Earthlove

There you have it! Three totally cool eco holiday and subscription boxes. As a sustainable brand, it’s amazing to see not only subscription boxes that are eco friendly, but that also give back to others. Comment down below if you know of more sustainable subscription boxes!


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