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3 Ultimate Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin
Are you tired of spending money at the spa? Or looking for skincare with natural ingredients? Why not look a little closer to home? All the natural face mask ingredients you need are secretly hiding in your fridge! Not only is it healthy, but making your own face masks adds a whole new layer of fun to the self-care game!
4 Easy and Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween is a largely unsustainable and expensive holiday because of accumulating costumes and decorations? While Halloween is a time for fun, it shouldn’t be hurting the environment or your pockets which is why this year, we’re bringing you the ultimate eco-friendly Halloween ideas. In this #theGoodBlog, we put together some tips on how to create eco-friendly costumes on a budget for a greener  sustainable Halloween!
#thegoodsquad Interview with Joella Hogan, Creator of Yukon Soaps
This week on The Good Blog we interview Joella Hogan,  creator and founder of Yukon Soaps. Yukon soaps is Indigenous owned and operated, reviving their heritage through trade systems and community of harvesters as well as the traditional teaching from elders. She incorporates the culture language and traditions into her soap making!
#TheGoodSquad Interview with Rina Clarke, Founder of Buck Naked Soap Company
This week on #TheGoodSquad, we interview Rina Clarke, one of the founders of Buck Naked Soap Company. This small business hand makes their soap in Guelph Ontario, using the most traditional form of soap-making, cold processing! Cold process soap making is when warm carrier oils and a water/lye solution are combined to make soap without added heat. Read on to learn more about this incredible small business!
Six Superfoods To Boost Your Energy & Feel Good
This week on The Good Blog, we discuss our favourite superfoods that boost your energy and make you feel rejuvenated! The term “superfood” is a fairly new term referring to foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While there are many superfoods, we did some research and picked six go-to-superfoods we know will give you the recharge you need!
#TheGoodSquad Interview with Sylvia Blythe, Founder of Prism Project
Did you know there is an estimate of 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally with hundreds of thousands within North America? This week we interview one of the founders of Prism Project, Sylvia Blythe. She shares her story about the mission behind the Prism Project and the importance of educating yourself to protect those around you.
#TheGoodSquad Interview with Steven Clift, CEO of GoodCarts
Despite the growth in small and sustainable businesses, the competition with huge corporations is still on. This week on The Good Blog we interview the founder of GoodCarts, Steven Clift. GoodCarts is a platform where sustainable/shop-for-good entrepreneurs can promote each other and grow their profits and impact the economy as a whole. Read more about this inspiring business!
What’s So Bad About Fast Fashion?
This week on The Good Blog we discuss the negative impacts of fast-fashion. Fast-fashion brands are known to contribute to climate change and are damaging our planet through overproduction, increasing water pollution, and increased carbon emission. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about the harmful effects of fast-fashion by checking out this blog!
The Good Squad Interview with Robyn Hobbs, Founder of Le Prix Fashion
This week on The Good Blog we interview small business owner, Robyn Hobbs, Founder of Le Prix Fashion. Le Prix Fashion started in 2012 with a mission to foster sustainability, self-love, and empowerment through a fun and inclusive shopping experience. Her store features unique preloved or new clothing from around the world including up-cycled, zero-waste, ethically-made products!
How To Evaluate A Fashion Brand For Sustainability
This week on The Good Blog, we discuss tips to help you evaluate a brand for sustainability. Greenwashing is a tactic used by companies to portray its products/brand to be eco-conscious ,when they are only doing the tiniest bit of effort to benefit the environment. Luckily we've broken down things to look out for to ensure you are purchasing from an actual sustainable brand!
The Good Squad Interview with Cara & Cary, Founders of Goodbuy
This week on The Good Blog, we introduce Cara & Cary, Founders of Goodbuy. Goodbuy is a free online shopping tool that connects independent small businesses with conscious, values-aligned shoppers. Offering over 19.5 million products from 185k+ small businesses, Goodbuy is on a mission to make shopping feel good by making conscious shopping easy!
This week on The Good Blog, we share some of our favourite habits to implement living a low-impact life. Living a low-impact life means reducing the carbon footprint that is left behind every time you use or do something. Now if we all contribute to this mission and do our part, we can make a HUGE positive impact on the environment.
#TheGoodSquad Interview with Manish Gupta, Founder of MatrBoomie
This week on #TheGoodSquad, we got the opportunity to interview Manish Gupta, founder of MatrBoomie. MatrBoomie is a FairTrade company that supports 1000+ artisans in India with their artisan partners being paid 25% over market wages by making accessories, bags and other handmade gifts. For the cherry on top, he uses sustainable/up-cycled materials and processes to protect the environment!
Top 5 Eco Resorts/Lodges To Visit In Canada and USA
Are you looking for a fun, eco-friendly, summer activity? Try out eco resorts and lodges this summer! Conventional hotels aren't good for the planet as they may require deforestation and excessive resources to build. However, eco resorts and lodges provide a sustainable alternative to still kick back and relax in the summer!
#TheGoodTribe Interview with Kelly Weinberger, Founder of WorldFinds
This week on The Good Blog, we interview Kelly Weinberger the founder of WorldFinds, a non-profit FairTrade company that carries accessories such as bracelets, earrings, scarves and more, all handmade by artisans in India! The pieces are made using sustainable repurposed Sari textiles that support the health of the planet. Each piece of accessory design, created and crafted brings joy to their customers and provides essential jobs for the artisans.
#TheGoodTribe Interview with Bayan Alkhatib, Founder of Bays Threads
This week on The Good Blog, we interview Bayan Alkhatib, the founder of Bays Threads which upcycles vintage and thrift clothing by incorporating a piece of each clothing and sewing them into one! This makes every piece she creates a one of a kind, sustainable, and eco-friendly. In fact, these pieces are so unique that her customers rush to sell out her collection once they are released for purchase.
Why working out in Organic cotton is better for your health
The struggle is real: trying to relax while doing your yoga routine but feeling like your skin just can’t breathe. Your body is telling you something. Say goodbye to trapped sweat and skin that cannot breathe- It’s just not natural. For a good reason, The Good Tee has launched its first every movement yoga wear collection made with 93% FairTrade breathable organic cotton. 
5 ways The Good Tee addresses sustainable practices
In this week’s blog, we’ll demonstrate how we can choose to do things differently to prevent further pollution from the fashion industry and protect Mother Nature. Check out some of our eco-conscious practices including lower carbon footpring, eco-friendly dyes and biodegradable packaing and more.
#TheGoodTribe Interview with Julie Allen, Founder of Mary Rose Boutique
Julie Allen, the founder of Mary Rose Boutique, started her company in early 2018, hoping to change the social stigma of clothing sizes. 

Start an organization to empower youths to love and accept their bodies. We luckily got the chance to interview such a truly inspiring woman for The Good Blog this week! Read further to find out what you can do to change the social stigma of mental health and why inclusive sizing is important for retail stores. 

#TheGoodTribe Interview with Dorothy Saulewicz, Founder of BeesButter
Beeswax is one of the most common cosmetic ingredients used to stiffen and thicken skincare products, but did you know that it also protects your skin from local allergens? What you put on your skin is extremely important. This week of #TheGoodTribe, we got the chance to interview Dorothy to learn more about BeesButter and why natural ingredients are an essential part of your skincare routine.
#TheGoodTribe Interview with Jenny Fortier, Founder of Northern Wildflowers
Is there really a food shortage problem in the world? Recently this year, according to an article by DailyHive, our favorite (or at least my) potato chip brand, Frito-Lay, had a chip shortage.  So how do we tackle this problem...