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Top Ten Female Superheroes That Fight For Good
It’s time to wake up. Change is long overdue. Girl Power!  International Women’s Day became official in March, 1911 with the support of over one million people who demanded the realization of women’s rights. March 8 is International Women's Day celebrated across the globe. It is a day to spread awareness among the people regarding women's rights and gender equality.
Top 6 reasons to shop Fair Trade in 2021

There never seems to be enough time. From shopping for groceries, buying our favourite coffee, picking new clothes, these decisions are made quickly. These decisions directly affect so many people. That is where purchase with purpose comes in. What if I tell you that you can do all of these things and help farmers across the globe at the same time? Or even better, help entire communities and the planet? Yes, this is possible thanks to Fair Trade! 

#TheGoodTribe Interview with Ben Higgins, founder of Generous Coffee
This week we introduce you to another hero from our #GoodTribe, an inspiring good human helping our communities and our planet. The incredible human: Ben Higgins!  We all fell in love with him during his appearance on The Bachelor, now get ready to fall in love with him again.  His compassion extends to his work life and we are super excited to talk to Ben about his latest projects, including Generous Coffee and his book. Ben co-founded Generous Coffee, with the main mission and heart to serve communities! Imagine taking a sip of coffee and knowing that you just changed someone else’s life! Well, Ben is making it happen.
#GoodCanvas: The Central Toronto Academy Students Raise Awareness For Orange Shirt Day and Teamed Up with the Good Tee!
We were super inspired when we found our young tribe at Central Toronto Academy High School students. These students are our next leaders and are deeply invested in supporting the indigenous communities. On Orange Shirt Day we partnered with the students and provided them our super soft Fair Trade organic tees.
10 Eco-friendly Valentine's Day Tips To Love the Planet and Your Loved One
  It’s Valentine’s Day folks, and love is in the air! It’s a day we celebrate by showing our loved ones how much we care, but do you know what that costs our planet? We hardly think about it, but...
How to Send Laughs and Help the Planet With Nicole,Founder of SowSweet Greetings
Hey, it’s National Send a Card to a Friend Day! And what’s better than giving a fun greeting card to our loved ones and making them laugh? Giving a greeting card that is 100% recycled and sustainable, and that can be planted to transform it into beautiful wildflowers and making them laugh!! How fun is that?
How To Shop For Eco-friendly Clothing Like A Sustainable Superhero
Picking out the clothes we wear every morning may seem like a simple choice, but this choice is linked to a variety of far-reaching environmental, social, and economic impacts. Learn how to shop for sustainable fashion and eco-friendly clothing.
#Thegoodtribe with Nathalia JMag, Fashion Designer & Sustainable Advocate, as she collaborates with The Good Tee
Life is too short to wear boring clothes, right? By boring we clearly mean unethical and unsustainable fashion of course, because fast fashion is just so passé. Well, what are the alternatives you may ask? The answer is... stick with us and we’ll hook you up!
Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? This year will be different, shopping has moved online and searching for the perfect gift can still take endless hours!  Fear not we got you covered.
Living A Creative Life And Daring To be Different #TheGoodGen Interview with Zippy Sandler, Blogger & Web Show Co-Host
The Good Gen - An inspiring generation of seniors who are living it up with ebullient vigor and giving us #lifegoals. Yes, that’s how we would like to define the seniors, a generation often isolated and stereotyped as vulnerable, yet we have many examples of extraordinary seniors who are setting examples for us all, and reiterating the fact that age isn’t a matter of how old you get but really about how many years of fun you’ve had. We back that up with proof as we had a virtual rendezvous with the fun, creative, and happy 66 years old (read 20 something years old) Zippy Sandler.
Senior or Sassy? Ageless at Sixty-three: #TheGoodGen Interview with Carol Vickers, Professional Life Coach

Forget 30 under 30, when it comes to seniors, (elders aged 55+) this generation, is on fire. Seniors are often projected in society as vulnerable, and sad to say mostly we as a society have not been inclusive. While there are many seniors who do need support, there is also a generation of seniors doing some pretty amazing things at their age.

#EthicalStylingForMen with Garik Himebaugh, Founder of Eco-Stylist
Sustainability expert Solitaire Townsend famously said, “Wear clothes that matter.” Gone are the days when sustainable fashion was unheard of, and the only few options that were available, catered only to women. Let’s face the facts, sustainable fashion and styling...
Get Good Sleep. Why a good day always starts the night before.

It is important to end each day with good intention.  You cannot, and will not, be healthy if you are not actively optimizing your bedtime routine. Your body heals, processes and restores as you sleep. Here are some tips on how to get a better nights sleep, starting with blocking out light with a a good sleep eyemask made of organic cotton.

The Compostable Phone Case: #Thegoodtribe Interview with Pela Case’s Founder Jeremy Lang

In today’s digital world none of us can do without a phone, right? Well we think, then none of us should do without the sustainable, compostable Pela Case for our phones either. Why may you ask? That's because it’s the easiest way we all can help in keeping 1 BILLION pounds of plastic from being made.  And, less than 10% of all plastic ever gets recycled. Learn more about Jeremy Lang and his sustainable solutions for conventional plastic. Living green just got easier. Check out The Good Tee Blog.



In 2017 Yara founded Scoria, a sustainable brand of biodegradable cork yoga mats that believes in reconnecting with lost creativity and working towards enhancing mental and physical well-being that is focused on giving back to society. Scoria creates products that encourage a youthful mindset such as playfulness, imagination, and story-telling, packed in biodegradable packaging.  Check out our latest Good Tribe Interview.

Ryuji, Animal Liberation Activist and Founder of Peace By Vegan
Meet the inspiring Ryuji, the man behind Peace By Vegan. He is a filmmaker raised in France who dedicated his life to changing the way we humans view animals through social media content. We got an opportunity to gain insights from Ryuji. He shares his insightful story about his love for animals. In this weeks #GoodTribe interview he inspires and shares with us how we can advocate for our fine furry friends and live a vegan life.

Founder of Bead & Reel, Sica Schmitz who is a speaker, writer, and stylist, is also a certified yoga instructor who strongly believes in mindful living. Her need for clothing that met with her vegan and humanitarian values led her to start Bead & Reel, a sustainable vegan fashion community to connect other brands, bloggers, and shoppers with conscientiousness in today's world. She is a dynamic fashion activist with abundant knowledge about mindful living and let's get some insights from her. Come join us, as we embark on her inspiring journey.



Will fast fashion survive the Covid lockdown? The time is right for slow, sustainable and circular fashion. Check out this weeks #goodtribe interview and learn how Blyth Gill, the founder of Tradle has created a  sustainable production model that encourages a community of parents transition from fast fashion to zero-waste, organic apparel for children. The Good Tee is a proud partner of Tradle, an eco-friendly & premium kids clothing subscription service.Tradle is building a community of parents supporting the transition from fast fashion to a zero-waste, circular economy, swiftly moving towards a capsule wardrobe for a child’s everyday needs!

Measuring Your Sustainability Impact from Akhil Sivanandan, Co-founder Green Story
What better time to rethink our closets than now? We didn’t see any reason to wait, so Green Story came together with thought-leaders in the fashion industry to explore their supply chains, green growth and the power of circularity. It is vital in the present scenario to protect our environment and we got the co-founder of Greenstory, Akhil Sivanandan here, to give his insights about the sustainable fashion and its impact in providing awareness for consumers to make greener choices.
Artisanal & Vegan, Nuts For Cheese Interview with Founder Margaret Coons
Once upon a time, not that long ago, going vegan meant giving up all the creamy, funky, crumbly, and salty glories of cheese. But that terrible era has come to an end and the world is abound with dairy-free vegan cheese options by introduction of Margaret Coon's highest quality, organic dairy-free ingredients and an enthusiastic team of diverse individuals who have made 'Nuts For Cheese'. It's a leading innovator of quality 100% dairy-free, plant-based cheese made from Certified Organic and Fairtrade cashews. Without further ado, let's get to know the her journey, products and their recipe. Wish you a happy reading!
Why Ethical Fashion Is Actually The Better Deal- How to Calculate Cost Per Wear
Venturing out into the universe of moderate design and ethical fashion is not easy. It is very much needed right now to think about sustainable development, fair trade and eco-friendly products. There is more than just a price tag behind the ethical fashion product which brings you higher-quality, longer-lasting products that you’ll be able to love for a long time and feel good about buying. We believe everybody lives can be enriched along the way to a more ethical fashion future