Chef Tom Hunt Author of the book Eating For Pleasure People And Planet

Let’s admit that food is that one thing that can connect people that are oceans apart. We love to share our recipes, favourite cuisines and connect over delicious meals. Food connects us and also affects the world we live in. It also affects our environment and the people that produce it.

London based Chef Tom Hunt has thoughtfully written a book that can inspire us to think about it all; “pleasure, people & our planet”! He’s not just an award-winning chef and a food writer he’s a climate change activist, sustainability consultant.

Chef Tom aims at raising awareness about the issues affecting our food system and aligns his work towards protecting biodiversity. His new book Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet  has made it to the top of our reading list! 

We are absolutely delighted to learn more about him and couldn’t wait to share it with you.  

1. Tell us about your journey as a chef and what inspired you to embark on it. 

I’ve been cooking for 20 years and have been passionate about food since before I can remember. The food system’s unfathomable diversity of subject matter has made my career in food a long and interesting one, keeping me hooked. 

2. Define your cooking style in three words. 

Holistic. Regenerative. Nourishment. 

Roast cauliflower steaks, crispy leaves and hazelnut sauce recipe
WWF – One Planet Plate – Roast cauliflower steaks, crispy leaves and hazelnut sauce

3. Who is that one celebrity or person that you’d love to cook and share  a meal for and why?

Chef Dan Barber as he is an inspiration to my own work.

4. What is your advice for beginners with busy schedules but wanting to learn how to make healthy meals and change their diet?

Buy my book Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet - It’s a comprehensive yet simple guide to do just that. 

5. What are your favorite three whole foods you should always have in your kitchen?

Extra virgin olive oil. Spelt. Chocolate 

Buckwheat and elderberry pancake with hazelnut chocolate spread recipe)

Buckwheat and elderberry pancake with hazelnut chocolate spread (posh vegan nutella)

6. Tell us about a serendipitous moment when you discovered an amazing recipe.

Tepache! A fermented drink made from pineapple skins. Whilst visiting Copenhagen I stumbled across a taco joint called Hija de Sanchez serving the stuff. Delicious.  

8. Any fan reaction that shocked and inspired you to do more of what you are doing? What was it?

The incredible sourdough bread that people are making in response to my IGTV videos is mind blowing and some is far better than my own! 


What are your thoughts on eating consciously? Do you have any tips?


Contributing Author: Bhavya Jha

Author at The Good Tee Bhavya Jha


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