Three Good Habits To Keep Your T-shirt White

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Nothing is as widely treasured as the plain white T-shirt. After all, it's the wardrobe piece with the most versatility: From pairing it with heels for a night out, to wearing it with a pencil skirt for work.

It can be really upsetting to take your garment out of the washer only to discover that it is not nearly as white as it was when you initially put it in. But don't worry; there are techniques you might be able to use to revive your white shirt and bring back its original whiteness. Follow these 3 good habits to keep your T-shirt as crisp and white as the day you bought it!

  1. Use Oxiclean

    To swiftly brighten your clothes to like-new condition, toss a scoop of Oxiclean in with your load and wait. Or make a paste out of it by combining it with warm water and rubbing it into stubborn or hardened stains. Allow the item to sit for about an hour, or if you really want to, leave it overnight. Without losing any of its stain-lifting ability, OxiClean is kinder to your clothes than bleach because it doesn't include chlorine, a harsh chemical

    The Good Tee

  2. Always Separate Your Whites

    You may even go so far as to separate your whites into piles: one for clean whites like dress shirts or work wear, and another for more dingy whites like socks and underwear. Whatever choice you make, this is a step that must be completed in any case.

    While it could be tempting to mix incredibly light colours or even light greys with your whites, stick to white only. Those non-white items will leak a small amount of dye, which may then deposit on your brand-new, white tee. If necessary, change your washer's settings to manage a lesser load; as using too much water can affect how well your detergent cleans.

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  3. Avoid the Dryer

    The heat from the dryer can permanently embed stains on clothing. When feasible, hang your white garments to dry rather than dry them. Your whites will also last longer because they won't wear out as rapidly from the dryer's intense heat, making it necessary for you to replace your favourite white pieces more often.

    If you have the choice, sun-dry your whites because it is an excellent bleaching agent and can help you keep your whites looking bright. Additionally, the fresh air from outside could offer a natural way to give your garments a clean, fresh scent.

    The Good Tee


When you slip into a beautiful white dress for a special occasion fresh or a bright white shirt for an important interview, the extra effort you put into washing your white garments will be worthwhile. Spending extra time on white clothing will ensure that they always seem as bright and fresh as the day you purchased them. We at The Good Tee sell white t-shirts in different styles, so you can get that perfect white tee asap!

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