The Good Tee's B Corp Recertification Journey: How We Improved Our B Impact Score to 114.7%

B Corp Recertification

In the world of sustainable fashion, The Good Tee is proud to be a shining example of a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to making a positive impact. Our journey towards B Corp certification and their subsequent improvements in our B Impact Score are a testament to their unwavering dedication to transparency, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility.

The Good Tee embarked on  the B Corp certification journey in May 2020 with a strong commitment to transparency and protection. We entered with an B Impact Score of 88 points, showcasing our  initial dedication to social and environmental causes. The key strategies that helped us enhance our score were:

  1. Holistic Approach to Sustainability: The company's mission, led by founder Adila Cokar, revolves around poverty alleviation and sustainable economic development. This commitment extends from serving low-income customers to supporting smallholder farmers through the use of certified Fairtrade cotton sourced from India.

    The Good Tee's focus on fair trade, sustainable practices, and worker well-being drives positive change while promoting ethical fashion.

  2. Supplier Diversity: The Good Tee places immense value on equitable sourcing, with a formal policy and targets prioritizing suppliers from underrepresented populations. Their supplier diversity program actively supports small, minority-owned, women-owned, low-income, and disadvantaged businesses, reinforcing core values of integrity, responsibility, courage, and compassion.

  3. Environmental Responsibility: The company embraces organic cotton, biodegradable packaging, and sustainable trims in their product line. Their commitment to reducing waste and sourcing materials from recycled and sustainable origins is impressive. Notably, 100% of their materials (by volume) are either recyclable or biodegradable.

    Supply Chain
  4. Impact on United Nations SDGs: The Good Tee aligns with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating its commitment to creating positive social and environmental impact. Their principled values extend to their supplier relationships, waste management, and quantifiable environmental metrics, resulting in significant reductions in energy usage, CO2 emissions, and water consumption.

  5. Financial Accountability: The company's financial practices undergo rigorous review and audit, emphasizing transparency and financial integrity. This combination of mission, ethical values, and financial responsibility sets them apart in the fashion industry.

  6. Customer-Centric Ethical Approach: The Good Tee values customer satisfaction and trust, offering comprehensive guarantees, warranties, and protection policies. They uphold integrity and transparency in marketing, advertising, and customer engagement, reflecting their commitment to maintaining high standards.

  7. Data Privacy and Security: Safeguarding the privacy and security of client and customer data is paramount. The company has implemented stringent measures to manage data privacy and security, demonstrating their dedication to maintaining a relationship built on trust and accountability.

    Continuous Improvement: 

    The Good Tee's journey to improve our B Impact Score reflects our commitment to continuous improvement. Our dedication to research-backed approaches, third-party data benchmarking, and ongoing efforts to address concerns and enhance their practices have contributed significantly to the 30% increase in the B Impact Score, which now stands at 114.7 points in 2023. See the score here.

    In a world where sustainability and ethical practices are becoming increasingly important, The Good Tee is proud to uphold our values. Our journey to improve our B Impact Score showcases our unwavering commitment to making the world a better place through fashion, one sustainable choices.

     We cannot do what we do without the support of so many good humans in the supply chain  as well as our customers. Thank you for your continued support. We cant do it without you. Loving what your reading?  Read the full white paper here.

    Greenest Tee Ever Made

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