Top 10 Ways To Style The Classic White Good Tee This Summer

Summer Tee- The Good Tee

We’re marching into summer, yay! It’s that time of the year and you can’t go wrong with a classic white tee. Yes, it’s going to be the season of the versatile white tee that can be styled in endless ways. With a pair of jeans or skirts during the day, and pants or blazers during the night. The best thing about timeless is that it directly relates to sustainability,  The perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe, can be worn multiple ways all year. Who knew that a plain white tee can be this sustainable?

Have you decided your summer looks yet? We know that it’s easy to run out of ideas, so we put together a list of 10 creative ways you can style our fairtrade certified organic white tees. 

  1. Tuck in the tee with a stylish skirt

    A Sunday brunch with friends at the patio? Look comfortable with a hint of glamour with a stylish midi skirt with a tucked in white tee, and team it with flats. You’ll look comfortably fashionable in all those selfies.

    White Tee

  2. Step up the style with a knotted tee

    Keep it casual yet trendy with a cool knotted look that goes with skirts, jeans, pants, even shorts. A good knot can come to the rescue and completely transform all your oversized, too-long shirts and give them some shape if you’re not into a boxy silhouette.

                      White Tee Classic Tee

  3. Suit up effortlessly

    You can be a boss lady in any meeting or any work day so effortlessly with a tucked in white tee and your favourite suit. Pair it with loafers to keep it smart and comfy.

    Classic Tee

  4. Go all white

    Trust us, everyone can pull off an all-white look. It’s definitely a win-win on a day out in the sun with some pop of colour with accessories and footwear.

                       Classic Tee Classic Tee

  5. Get creative with tie & dye

    Are you one of those DIY enthusiasts? Then this is an activity you have to try. A white tee is the perfect base and can be transformed into anything you like right at home and you can get as creative as you want. Check out our natural tie-dye kits that come with an organic white tee. Here are some cool results by the stylish Nathalia J Mag.

                     Tie Dye Tie Dye

  6. Jeans and blazer, that’s all

    For those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, all you need to do is team your classic white tee with your favourite denims and style it with a blazer. Clean and chic!

    White Tee

  7. Accessorize to make a statement

    A white tee can be dressed up or down as per mood, occasion, or season. Chunky jewellery, textured scarves, cute bags or just sunglasses, the options are limitless. This is how the gorgeous Natalie Kay accessorized our slim fit short sleeve organic crewneck.

     White Tee White Tee

  8. Skip the skinny, style with wide leg denims

    Yes, the jeans with white tee look is timeless and you can never go wrong with it. But why not do it a bit differently. Try the white tee with wide leg denims instead of the skinny and look cool and casual. Give it a retro look with a bold choice in sunglasses too.

    Classic Tee

  9. White, black & a bold red

    Make that conventional white and black combo look sassy instantly with a bold red lip. It’s easy and sure to make heads turn.

    White Tee

  10. Summer-y florals balanced with white


    A flowy floral skirt with your favourite white tee will always make you feel pretty and confident. It’s just such a happy outfit for a warm summer’s day.

    Summer Tee- The Good Tee

    The verdict is that a classic white tee is essential to everyone’s wardrobe and we can all have so much fun with it. It’s a must have for all of you who believe in non-fussy and less time-consuming outfits and a more sustainable lifestyle. Own clothes that you will actually wear for years to come with any combination, and a white tee is definitely a starting point for that. The perfect pick would be our favorite fairtrade organic unisex tee, a tee so popular that we find it hard to keep in stock. Grab yours today and create some sassy looks this season.

    Do you have more fun ideas to style your white tee? Tell us in the comments below.



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