Living A Creative Life And Daring To be Different #TheGoodGen Interview with Zippy Sandler, Blogger & Web Show Co-Host

Zippy Sandler

The Good Gen - An inspiring generation of seniors who are living it up with ebullient vigor and giving us #lifegoals. Yes, that’s how we would like to define the seniors, a generation often isolated and stereotyped as vulnerable, yet we have many examples of extraordinary seniors who are setting examples for us all, and reiterating the fact that age isn’t a matter of how old you get but really about how many years of fun you’ve had. We back that up with proof as we had a virtual rendezvous with the fun, creative, and happy 66 years old (read 20 something years old) Zippy Sandler.

Zippy is a vivacious blogger at Champagne Living, web show co-host for The Compass Girls and even co-owns an agency called The Brand Connection. She shares her travel and lifestyle updates on social media and has an amazing 17.6K following on instagram alone. Giving you life goals of following your passion and living life to the fullest already? Well we sure were left absolutely amazed to hear how Zippy listened to her father’s advice, dared to be different and still is living by that mantra. She continues to defy conventions and told us all about extraordinary life. Read on to find out more.

1. Can you share your life story?

I grew up in a family that was loving, fun and creative. Education and the arts were important, and thank goodness, because I was encouraged by my parents who taught me well. Dad (who was a businessman and an artist) told me to always “Dare to be different” and my Mother who I don’t believe ever fully realized her dreams taught me that you can do and be anything that you want in life if you “Just read the directions.” Those two ideas shaped me from childhood and still resonate with me today.

Senior influencer

2. Have you been an activist past/present and for what cause? 

I’ve been working hard to get out the vote for the Democrats this year, but I’ve always been an activist. From the March on Washington in the 70’s thru today where I’ve lent my expertise in social media to the campaign. I’ve worked hard for LGBTQ rights for many years as well.

3. What are you up to now?

I somehow forgot that I was supposed to slow down as I got older. Instead I’ve ramped up. I am a blogger at Champagne Living (was one of the OG’s in 2008 and the ONLY one in my age group blogging at the time). I co-host a web show called The Compass Girls on Facebook Live every Wednesday evening at 8 pm ET. I produce gift guides and seasonal guides and co-own an agency that runs blogger campaigns called The Brand Connection.

Zippy SandlerZippy Sandler


4. What do you believe is the recipe for living a good and happy life? 

Finding what it is in life that gives you joy and purpose. I’ve always believed in following your dreams. When I was younger I was an actress/dancer and worked in the Arts in Education program for a State Council on the Arts as an artist in residence. I’ve worn many hats in my life including owning restaurants, as a dance therapist and lots of different performing gigs. I must have worried my parents terribly, but thankfully they always supported my choices. That allowed me to spread my wings and reinvent myself every few years. 

Zippy Sandler

5. What advice would you give your younger self?

It’s hard to say. I left home to live on a commune the day after graduating high school and have lived a crazy-fun life ever since. I wouldn’t trade most of it for anything.


6. How has the world changed?

Obviously the world has gotten more technical, but I think that everything goes in cycles. While I’m working hard to change our current political scene using my social media skills, 40 years ago I did it by marching and using my voice. At the core, I don’t think a lot has changed, I just think that we have more tools at our disposal than we did before. The inventor will still invent, the artist will still create.

7. How do you define love?

Love is being secure enough in yourself that you can share parts of you with people in your life. It’s opening up, being real (whether good or bad) and accepting those in your life for what they are.

While we were all busy trying to look for our #Yolo moments, Zippy sure has been living those everyday and is rocking it with her ‘60s is the new 20s’ swag. Don’t you agree? It’s just been such a pleasure interacting with seniors for #TheGoodGen campaign, and it made us realize how important it is to be inclusive and keep learning from seniors who have been there, done that, and continue to chase more adventures and dreams.

Do you know any senior who inspires you everyday? Tell us about them in the comments below.






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