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The weather’s warmer and so are our hearts, as we hear more and more stories of our #GoodTribe working so hard towards making a difference. Warning! This will make you want to take that Bali trip even sooner, but for all the good reasons. Cassandra Ciarallo, the founder of Chic Made Consciously, discovered her mission in life while she was exploring the diverse cultures and lifestyles of Asia. She’s redefined fashion accessories in North America, by bringing revolution to the materials used. From classy minimal rings, to jazzy fringe necklaces, these modish accessories are made up of innovative materials like repurposed brass, reclaimed tires and zero waste textiles. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Curious to know what inspired this consciously chic fair trade jewelry brand? Let’s take you through Cassandra’s inspiring journey.

What is your mission at Chic Made Consciously?

Our mission at Chic Made Consciously is to disrupt fast fashion with a conscious alternative. By offering fashionable and sustainable accessories that make a difference in the lives of our global artisan partners as well as repurposed to help our planet, we are letting know there is a different way to do business.

Tell us about the genesis of your brand.

In the summer of 2014, Cassandra, the founder, traveled across South East Asia, pursuing her passion of immersing with different cultures and exploring the world! On her journey, she got inspired and fascinated by the art, culture and lifestyle in Asia, especially Bali, Indonesia. One of her favorite cities in Bali was Ubud, where artisans, craftsmen, and painters filled the streets. As she came across a shop called 'Oh Waste', she met artisan Dana who was upcycling accessories from the inner tubes of a tire. She fell in love with his magnificent work and Dana even invited Cassandra to spend the day creating and working with the material herself.

Cassandra was really inspired by Dana's passion to make a change in his homeland and give waste a new life. This sparked a fire inside of her and she eagerly wanted to be a part of this movement. Since 2016, Cassandra has been working with the team at ArtCycle Bali to distribute their handcrafted accessories to the North American market. She also designed her first collection in 2017. Through this journey, she has learned so much about the unfortunate social and environmental issues in the fashion industry and has made it her mission to make significant changes by providing an alternative for consumers to purchase consciously. 

What kind of superpower does your company possess?

Our superpower is building relationships with global artisans who are finding creative ways to repurpose waste! Aside from working with ArtCycle Bali, Cassandra has collaborated with other artisans around the world who are repurposing unique materials such as brass from war remnants and textile waste in Cambodia.

What are your favorite products/most popular this year?

Our collection launched in the fall of 2019 and has been a hit moving into 2020! The highlights would be our mesh scarf and fringe belt that are perfect for the festive season or for pairing with any outfit you want to bring to life.

Leather Accessories by Chic Made Consciously

What are you working on for 2020 and beyond that you want us to know about?

We are working on that superpower to collaborate with more awesome experts around the world, to expand our horizons and include more talents in our team. Stay tuned for more exciting launches from us in the future.


Contributing Author: Bhavya Jha

Author at The Good Tee Bhavya Jha


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