Breaking the good news to you is the first thing that we had to do! Okay, the first thing right after a little happy dance! The Good Tee and our parent company Source My Garment is officially part of the B Corp community! It wasn't an easy process, and rightfully so! We thought we’d share a bit about why we chose to get certified and what it means to be a part of this amazing community of changemakers.

The Good Tee is all about crafting premium quality products while keeping the planet and its people in mind. We strive to improve each day, but what’s remained constant are the good humans who make our products and the people who support us. With the B Corp certification, we are now in the esteemed company of fellow responsible companies with proven great values. 

What is a B-Corporation?

B Corporation logoB-Corporation is a third-party audit and certification platform meant for sustainable businesses. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This means that a certified B-Corporation is maintaining the highest sustainability standards in social, economical and environmental terms. Companies opt into this certification process to prove the positive impacts they are creating with their businesses and add value and credibility to their brand’s mission.

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Our Mission As A Force For Good

The Good Tee creates responsibly made garments with a mission to support cotton farmers and humanize the apparel industry.

Our founder for The Good Tee, Adila Cokar, has over a decade of experience working with offshore garment manufacturers. Adila has focused on sharing stories of overseas makers, fostering relations, and attaining complete supply chain transparency.

She believes that a big part of having a successful company is understanding the relationships a company has with its manufacturing team and the ability to share their stories with the customers. Since most of the apparel manufacturing processes, starting from the seed, are done overseas it's easy for people to forget that clothes are still made by people.  A brand needs a strong understanding of the supply chain to be able to integrate sustainable and ethical practices at every step.  

“Yes, clothing is still made by humans and not machines.”
-Adila Cokar, Founder of The Good Tee 
Founder Adila Cokar with the makers of The Good Tee
Photo: Jan 2019 Factory Astro, India (Left to right -Shweta, Jancy, Adila (our founder) and Jina)

The vision for The Good Tee was originally conceived in 2008 when founder Adila Cokar, a responsible apparel manufacturing consultant, was on a sourcing trip in India and read about the ongoing issue of farmers in India committing suicide. With high levels of illiteracy and limited land holdings, many cotton farmers live in poverty - their sparse livelihoods dependent on middlemen or ginners who often buy their cotton at prices well below the cost of production.

 “It’s been a hard road for cotton farmers, especially in India. Overall, more than 300,000 farmers and farmworkers have killed themselves in the country since 1995.” - The Guardian

After receiving fair trade certification, Adila made it her mission to make it easier for consumers and businesses to source the kind of supply chain which supports responsibly manufactured apparel.  

Organic Cotton Farmer

What You Choose Makes A Difference

Struggling to shop for responsibly made and sustainable clothing is a mission. It takes a considerable amount of time to research and “greenwashing” (misleading promises of helping the environment), unfortunately, is still a thing. Who’s credible? The struggle is real.   

We are proud to have two certifications under our belt now, B Corp and Fairtrade certifications. While we continue to maintain transparency, these certifications are proof that you’re making the right choice and helping support a company with a mission to be a force for good.  

The Good Tee B-Corporation

Thank you for your continued support. With your help, we are able to make a difference. Reach out if you have any questions or if you just want to send us a digital hi-five!

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