Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? This year will be different, shopping has moved online and searching for the perfect gift can still take endless hours!  Fear not we got you covered.

The  past year we’ve all been cooped up, and most of us are looking for things to do. To make things easier for you, we decided to help and have put together an exciting list of Fair Trade Certified gift ideas to keep you out of trouble this Christmas. 

Finding something perfect for your loved one that is both ethically and fairly made is yet another challenge. 

We’ve compiled an amazing list that are sure to entertain, and are Fair Trade  which means they emit good vibes😉. Buying Fair Trade means contributing to building strong economies, healthy and just societies and living within the limits of what our environment can sustain. The perfect gift emits the best vibes made with good intention. 

Here are some of our faves this year.

  1. Tie & Dye gifts by the Good Tee- A gift is always more special when it is handmade with love and we make it extra fun with our amazing Fair Trade Certified tees along with our natural dye kits. Get creative and keep busy this season by personalizing cool 100% organic tees for friends and family. Check out our blog post to help you tie and dye at home.


  2. Books that matter by Shop Just One Books - Books never go out of fashion. Thanks to this pandemic year, many of us have learnt to entertain ourselves staying indoors. Don't you think it would have been impossible to survive the lockdown if it weren’t for stories, literature, or the creative arts? Let that sink in for a moment. We’re sure you don’t need any more convincing that a book will make the best Christmas gift especially if you can enjoy a good read that supports an artisan. Check out Shop Just One Books to know exactly how.

  3. Game Night with Bandana board games - What makes staying in more fun? Good old board games with loved ones and friends of course! We’re thinking cozy nights with hot cocoa and someone saying “just one more game”, a perfect setting, right? So, get together with the family for a game night that too fashionably, buy them the Four Rabbit Bandana board game to wear and play.

  4. Quirky Journals by Fair Trade Winds Journal - It’s famously said that people who keep journals have life twice. As we make the last memories of the year and look forward to a brand new year ahead, why not  help someone make a resolution to start journaling with these  quirky Fair Trade Winds Journals.

  5. Bake Yummy Snacks with Unreal Snacks- Happiness is homemade they say. This holiday season bake some of this happiness right at home and try innovative snack recipes that sound almost ‘unreal’. Have you checked out some super cool recipes by Unreal snacks yet? Surprise someone with some christmas goodies made with love and Fair Trade ingredients, a win-win really.

  6. Spa Day at Home with Prosperity Candle - Raise your hands, how many of us are missing that special Spa Day this year? That time to yourself to unwind and relax with the aroma of scented candles, can you picture it? Imagine the look on that special friend’s face if you set up the same mood right at home with candles et al. Gift a friend a spa day at home and get the mood going with Fair Trade candles from Prosperity Candle.

  7. Cozy Corner for Christmas Eve by Goodeeworld - Don’t you think a cozy and calming space can be the best gift this Christmas? The best part about it will be creating it, of course. Why not do up a space for someone you want to surprise, and spend Christmas Eve in style? Do up a space with Goodee World with their socially-conscious designs that care about the people and the planet.

  8. Coffee Gift Basket for those holiday blends By Kinghorse Coffee - They say every good thing starts with a coffee, be it a good day or a good holiday. We believe it! So a coffee gift basket for someone you’d want to have a good start to the holiday is the best idea ever, especially if it’s fair trade coffee, right? Check out some awesome blends from Kicking Horse Coffee which is 100% Organic and Fair Trade certified.

We think this sure is a handy list that will have you covered for that Christmas shopping this season and will keep you safe and out of trouble, and make you and the planet feel oh so good! Did we miss any unique fun fair trade activities? Leave a comment below.

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