8 Fairtrade Tea Brands To Support

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Nothing gets the day going or keeps you warm on a chilly night like a nice cup of tea. Believe it or not, next to the water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide but according to World Vision, there are ongoing issues that affect tea farmers. Children have been known to work eight hours a day, in nations such as Uganda and India without a break, picking up leaves and lugging packages weighing up to 30 kg. Back issues, chest infections, skin conditions, wounds, and bruises are among the problems they face. Large tea plantations make girls more susceptible to sexual harassment when they labour away from their parents. Change is needed. 

What is Fairtrade?

With Fairtrade, customers can demand that those who produce our food receive greater compensation. Consumers can ensure that people and the environment are not exploited in creating the goods we enjoy by choosing Fairtrade and holding businesses and the government to the highest standards.

Why Fairtrade tea products? 

Fairtrade tea guarantees that health and safety regulations are followed In order to prevent child labour by giving adult salaries that are fair.  What's more, money is invested in regions that grow tea. 

Thankfully, there are companies that have earned Fairtrade certification. They're companies that uphold higher standards, ensuring that tea is grown sustainably and that employees are paid a livable wage throughout the production process. So stop searching for a cup of tea that makes you feel wonderful on the inside. These companies are setting the way for excellent teas that are produced ethically.

So the next time you are in need of Tea, Opt for Fairtrade. We compiled an awesome list of 8 fairtrade tea companies to support.

  1. Numi Teas

    The goal of Numi is to start a chain of hope and possibility that spreads far and wide. They bring about great change through their strategies and products.

  2. Celestial Organics

    One of the biggest producers of specialty tea in North America is Celestial Seasonings®. In order to deliver the pure flavour that nature intended and to help small-scale agricultural communities, its organic series uses tea leaves that are both organic and fair trade certified.

  3. Clipper Teas

    The largest Fairtrade tea brand in the world, Clipper helps over 114,000 growers and their families by providing them with access to healthcare, education, and assistance in old age. Additionally, Clipper's tea bags always take the best possible care of the environment and are made with organic materials (welcome wildlife, goodbye pesticides).

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  4. Four O’Clock

    Respect is one of Four O'Clock's basic values, both for individual communities and for the environment. There are many organic and GMO-free Fairtrade teas that are offered by Four O'Clock.

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  5. Tega Organic Tea

    By sourcing the finest ingredients, Tega aims to create a tea that not only tastes great but also benefits its customers. With products, packaging, and corporate practices to ensure a greener world, they promote sustainability. Finally, Tega is dedicated to supporting fair-trade farming communities that uphold decent employment standards and rewarding those who maintain strong manufacturing and quality control standards.

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  6. Yupik

    Yupik combines years of expertise in high-quality product manufacturing and direct sourcing to offer snacks and ingredients that are catered to a variety of consumer tastes.

    In the Global South and their communities, Yupik provides fair terms to empower farmers while ensuring producers have safe and pleasant working conditions.

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  7. Umano

    Umano is an importer and distributor of largely organic and fair trade-certified goods. Its product line blends awareness, enjoyment, and good health. It consists of tea along with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, chocolate, coffee, and spices.

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  8. Traditional Medicinals

    Traditional Medicinals, Inc. is an independent business that values ingredient purity, social and environmental advocacy, and sustainability. It is the top seller of wellness tea in the United States and the creator of the wellness tea market in both that country and the United States.

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    You can find every flavour of tea you need without compromising your values thanks to these fair-trade tea brands. And no need to compromise on taste either! So if you’re looking for more ethical tasty tea options be sure to check out these fair trade brands.

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